Monitor your premises from wherever you are in the world

CCTV is becoming ever more important in the fight against crime, and now with an internet connection, you can monitor your home or business from wherever you are.


Conventional CCTV Systems

A conventional CCTV system will consist of any number of cameras, linked back to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). This will record all cameras continuously. Depending on the storage and number of cameras, you should always have the last 2-4 weeks footage recorded. In the event of an incident, the required footage can be backed up to either CD/DVD or a USB stick depending on the DVR and the footage passed to the relevant authorities.

All DVR's are now capable of being connected to the internet via your router, allowing you to view your cameras remotely via a PC or phone with an internet connection.

Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) Monitored Systems

Designed correctly, a monitored CCTV system can stop a crime before it is committed. Images are still recorded locally onto a DVR, but are also designed with movement detectors sited externally - so when armed, any activation is transmitted to the ARC via an internet connection. A trained operator with then connect to the CCTV cameras on your site and can give a verbal warning to any persons seen, or if a crime is in progress, call the Police and inform the keyholders.

IP Systems

IP cameras offer several benefits over standard analogue CCTV systems such as


We supply and install a wide variety of CCTV cameras so we can provide the best service possible

Vandal Resistant Usually installed where the cameras are within easy reach or where there is a suspicion that the camera may be attacked

Infra Red (IR) allows images to be recorded without the need for supplementary lighting

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Can be controlled, allowing the operator to zoom in and/or follow any incident that may occur

Covert Where there is good reason to suspect someone of committing a crime, a covert camera can be temporarily installed to allow images to be secretly recorded as evidence

Quality Assured Installation

All P.N.Alarms CCTV systems are installed in accordance with NSI Code of Practice NCP104 and a certificate issued on installation. All systems come with the first 12 months maintenance cover free of charge, with response provided by our experienced team of engineers.

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